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Ajang HLS Indonesia 2018 Mendapatkan Dukungan Penuh Polri

Homeland Security (HLS) Indonesia 2018, sebuah konferensi dan Pameran spektakuler,  diselenggarakan selama 2 hari di Jakarta Convention Center, sejak 19-20 September 2018. (more…)
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Situs ini Sering Dimanfaatkan Para Penjahat Dunia Maya

CEO NSHC Inc Security Korea Louis Hur memperingatkan kepada pengguna Internet mengenai bahaya dari penggunaan torrent dunia maya, mengingat jenis situs ini biasa dijadikan sarana penjahat siber atau pengguna dark web untuk beraksi. (more…)
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PT INM Optimistis Garap Pasar Cyber Security

PT Informasi Netta Markindo (INM), didukung oleh Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), menghadirkan Konsorsium Siber dari perusahaan teknologi di Korea di ajang pameran “Homeland Security Indonesia 2018”. (more…)

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PT Informasi Netta Markindo (INM) is an Indonesia Cyber Security Solution and Service Provider with years of experience in providing secure, reliable and state-of-the-art security solutions empowering our clients with essential capability transfers and technology know-how to better safeguard their critical assets and mitigate imminent and potential cyber threats.


Support you in the fight against cyber attack in IT & Operation Technology environment.

Recommend, collaborate and transfer cyber security technology capability in your fight against cyber threats.

Share, learn and grow in cyber security knowledge to enhance awareness and insights.


Enterprise Security

INM Security confidently faces cyber security threats, so you can confidently face your customers We confront the world’s most challenging cyber security problems and passionately protect the faces behind the data – your customers

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Mobile Forensic

Security as a Service

Make easy and affordable for everyone who would like to effectively manage the full life cycle of security from app to web.

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INM delivers unique security capabilities and benefits via our training courses. All training courses are adhered to Industry standards. Our cyber security training curriculum framework is aligned to industry requirements and formulated by practitioners and researchers on the ground. Our trainers excel in various cyber security field and well recognized in the industry. INM offers cutting-edge training and practical course curriculum with the option to customize to the organisation or client needs and requirements.