Web Application Firewall Service

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Protect Your Web Service

WebProtect will make sure there is no harmful accessing and connecting to your web service

Cloud based Robust Web Application Firewall

No need to have a hardware for firewall, cloud can do what you need.

WebProtect performs firewall functions for your web service even though it is cloud service that brings no hardware device. You can reduce resources for money costs, management efforts, and time all together.

Defending Against SQL Injection, XSS, DDos Attacks

Worries will not do anything for you, get blocking filter instead and be safe yourself.

WebProtect protects your web service against many cyber threats such as SQL injection, XSS(Cross-Site-Scripting), CSRF(Cross-Site Request Forgery), DDos. You just need to let it does what it should do for your web service.

Self-Preparing by Machine Learning Advantage

Combining with threat intelligence to be ready for any future attacks.

WebProtect collects, analyzes, and shares data via machine learning system to build a better threat intelligence that can empower defense capacity of protection. It just should do evolve so as threats do.

OWASP Web Top 10 and PCI-DSS Standards Compatible

Preparing for wide standards compatibility will give perfection to your service.

WebProtect provides qualified protection based on globally approved guidelines. It means you will have security featured service as well as you will pass responsibility of obeying rules and policies as a global web service.

Real-Time Monitoring and Convenience Management

Expertise must come from security features, not from users.

WebProtect provides statistical information and real-time monitoring information as well as easy-to-use policy management menus that is designed by web firewall professionals. It only focuses on how to protect and how to help you to protect your service.