Anti-Hacking Service for Android Mobile Application

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Protect Your Android Mobile Application

AppProtect will protect your source code and application against dynamic hacking attacks and threats.

Dynamic Protection and Activity based Detection

Dynamically protect your application against real-time hacking attacks with anti-hacking features.

AppProtect dynamically performs multiple layers of Anti-Hacking features while your application is in use. Even though your application is being used by end-point users’ hands, no need to worry about security matters.

Obfuscation and Binary Encryption

Source code and binary files will be concretely protected by obfuscation and encryption.

AppProtect provides special source code obfuscation that is combined with encrypting feature. Moreover, binary files will also be encrypted so that your application and its source code can not be more safe than ever it was.

Integrity Verification and Anti-Tampering

Publish your application without a doubt, and no one will see a tampered application of yours.

AppProtect performs concrete integrity verification even without a separated verification server, it verifies integrity with deep-technical inside processing by itself. Also its anti-tampering feature gives you the most ensuring promise from tampering threats.

Real-time Monitoring and Statistical Analysis

Check out how your service does and what kind of threats are occurring in real time.

AppProtect helps you to find out how vividly your application is being used by customers, how often it is being attacked by hackers, what kind of threats it has faced over time. AppProtect’s monitoring feature and statistical analysis information will help you to understand your service’s status at the moment.

Quick and Easy Security Applying and Managing

Adopting will never be easier, and distributing will never be delayed.

AppProtect provides the easiest usability. You just need to upload an APK, wait for few minutes, download protected APK, and go for publishing it to the market right away. Applying security features no longer means that you need to develop another application.