Security as a Service


Mobile Application
Vulnerability Analysis

  • Static and dynamic diagnosis
  • Realistic diagnosis based on mock-hacking methodology
  • OWASP Mobile Top 10 and financial-level check list
  • Broad coverage for diverse environmental factors
  • Experienced professions from many projects
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Mobile Application

  • Real-time hacking defense and monitoring
  • Obfuscation and binary encryption
  • Integrity verification and anti-tampering
  • Dynamic analyzing prevention and activity based protection
  • Easy and quick security applying and publishing
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Web Vulnerability

  • OWASP and global compliance standards
  • Data leakage analysis by dynamic examines
  • Automated and quick diagnosis system
  • Reporting and suggesting for each vulnerability level
  • Market proved service by professional team
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Web Application

  • Cloud based robust web application firewall
  • Defending against SQL injection, XSS, DDoS attacks
  • Self-preparing by machine learning advantage
  • OWASP Web Top 10 and PCI-DSS standard compatible
  • Real-time monitoring and convenience management
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Website Malicious
URL Scanning

  • Malicious URL detection for websites
  • Real-time monitoring and policy management
  • Quick scanning by cloud engine
  • Threat information review and threat report
  • Malicious URL pattern database
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What Matters for Building a Security

All security is established through a certain progress. INM prepares and provides a package of multiple security services that effectively manage all life cycle steps of building a security.

4 Keywords of What We Do

By putting our all best efforts on achieving our goal, here are the benefits that you will get from us.


Security as a Service, save your resource from waisting time and money for buying and maintaining individual security products.

Easy Security

Security doesn’t have to be difficult. We offer easy security with cloud-based services.


Price has always been an issue for security. We think every service should be protected. That’s why we hold price at low.

Full-ranged Line up

We offer full ranged security product line ups for all customers from app to web. One stop service that help you to find everything.