Security Operation Center

  1. Round the Clock Monitoring
    • Security event monitoring
    • Respond/analyze cyber threats
    • Detect web-forgery and denial-of-service
    • Operate/manage security devices
    • Apply/manage security policies, System check
  2. Advanced Protection Service
    • Diagnose Infra Vulnerabilities
    • Provides latest Security Trend News
    • Diagnose Source Code
    • Inspect Security Status
    • Diagnose Security Level
  3. Other Security Supporting Service
    • Support guide/manual amendment
    • Implement security training

Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) is one of the solution that needed when building a Security Operation Center. INM provides SIEM that have a features for:

  • User Correlation Analysis

Provide a correlation analysis system that enables users to create, register, and manage infringement scenarios

  • Machine Learning Detection

Intelligent APT attack response system through machine learning analysis of Big Data

  • Web Log Analysis Support

A system that compensates for the attacks that failed to block by WAF

  • Compliance

Provide auto mapping of PCI DSS, ISO 27001 compliant items & detection logs

  1. SOC Infrastructure
    • Physical Environment
    • Environmental Conditions
  2. Information Security
    • Operation Devices
    • Prevention Systems
    • Monitoring & Analysis Systems
    • Resistance Systems
    • Network Devices
  3. Operation
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Team Structure
  4. Training
    • Security Training
    • Management Training
    • Monitoring Training

1. Securing Cloud Presence and Service

Increase business liabilities and expect needless security risks by securing all traffic moving across enterprise networks.

2. End Point Threats Protection, EDR

With a growing population of endpoint devices such as servers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices, predictive, behavioural-based security methods as well as real-time continuous monitoring are needed for unknown, APT.

3. Mobile Security Solutions and Services

Our mobile security solutions are designed to equip enterprises with tools to protect all mobile devices connected to your network from mobile attacks, enabling you to embrace rising mobility with confidence.

4. Securing Database

Secure critical data with DLP solution, our data security platform that delivers protection for your databases and Big Data stores throughout your environment, on premise or in the cloud.

5. Protection Against Stolen Identity

Prevent user identity theft from happening by securing your organization’s online access and transactions with cloud-based two-factor authentication.

6. Block and Nullify Email Threats

Immediately put aside spams, viruses and phishing links that is contained in email to prevent fraud and confidential information theft.