Red Team Research

Global Cyber Accident and Trends IoT/ICS&SCADA/Mobile System Vulnerability Bug Hunting, Malwares & Zero-Day

Collects and analyzes threat information using our D@rkholic systems (specialized in threat hunting) that can provide actionable API, Portal license & summarized special Report

Build up advanced cyber defense capabilities for SCADA & Industrial Control System through assessment & pen-test by our cyber security expertise & experience

1. Round the Clock Monitoring

  • Security event monitoring
  • Respond/analyze cyber threats
  • Detect web-forgery and denial-of-service
  • Operate/manage security devices
  • Apply/manage security policies
  • System check

2. Advanced Protection Service

  • Diagnose infra vulnerabilities
  • Pen test
  • Provides latest security trend news
  • Diagnose source code
  • Inspect security status
  • Diagnose security level
  • Simulation training

3. Other Security Supporting Service

  • Support various certifications
  • Support guide/manual amendment
  • Support information security
  • Implement security training