Mobile Forensic

Mobile data acquisition tools, which is applicable to all types of extraction methods like chip-off memory, JTAG, USIM, SD card, Physical and logical data dump.

Combination of the complicate analysis technologies like video frame recovery, data decryption, key extraction and data visualization.


We help Organization/Company to design & build Mobile Forensic Lab from the scratch. From the evidence management desk until extraction & analysis desk

Software & Hardware:

Using our software & hardware to help the Investigation

1. IT & Network Forensic Data Analysis

Identify accessible, recoverable and relevant data to locate and index all computer- and user-generated evidence up to and including the recovery of content from non-functioning storage devices. Handle all data in accordance with proper digital evidence handling procedures to ensure evidence admissibility in court.

2. PCI Forensic Investigator

Certified PCI Forensic Investigator service with more than several years of experience investigating security breaches at physical locations, e-commerce sites, payment processors and payment gateways.

3. Mobile Device Forensic Analysis

Forensic analysis service for smartphones and other mobile devices to create a forensic image of that device, build a geographical and/or chronological profile and recover lost, deleted or corrupted data.

4. Local On-Site Incident Responder

Identify the source of the incident, isolate the affected systems, minimize the repercussions through containment and, finally, establish a removal and remediation strategy.

5. Malware Halt and Time Travel

Identify and extract malware for detailed analysis in a laboratory environment in order to minimize the malware’s propagation, eradicate it and prevent future outbreaks.